CPP Cross Compilation - Tensorflow Lite Cortex-M

Hi Experts,

I am trying to cross compile the existing Tensor Flow Lite code for microcontrollers into Cortex-M platform with arm-none-eabi-g++ compiler.

When I try to cross compile it for Cortex-M with either arm-none-eabi-g++ or arm-none-eabi-cpp it was showing linking error for _exit and more errors.

Please specify some mechanism for baremetal compilation.

  • As a valid question, you have to provide all the information completely. If it is not a valid question, others may ignore it directly or have no interest to answer it.

    For your case, its' better to provide

      - the detailed link error

      - your Cortex-M environment e.g. what is the CPU type, what is your IDE

      - g++ compiler version

      - your compiler / linker options and commands

      - anything else that can help the problem solvers to understand your questions so that they can analyze 

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