FVP (FVP_CSS_SGI-575 )for A-75 ( aarch64 ) : UBOOT and TF-A

Hello Community , 

I am evaluating the FVP (FVP_CSS_SGI-575 )for A-75 ( aarch64 ) based SW development .

I am able to download and install .

However as being new to regime I would beed following help and guidance for the same ,

1. My objective is to develop bootloader hence , I am trying to boot the FVP with u-boot.bin ( aarch64) , are there any guiding steps to boot the FVP with prebuilt uboot bin ? Please share any template test steps .

2. Also , I am evaluating the FVP to TF-A development and testing a. Are there any specific ways to build the TF-A for FVPs ? Please share and confirm b. Any example test commands to test the TF-A binaries ? please share so that I can adapt / follow .


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