I will be using Eclipse and/or Microsoft Visual Studio for ARM/Cortex development

I would like to buy a good ARM/Cortex M development board - just curious any suggestions which are good to buy?  I will be studying how to

bring these chips "up" and also doing lots of other things like DSP, audio, image processing, GPS, etc..  I just want to know if I"m good to go

if I use the GNU toolchain, Eclipse and/or Microsoft Dev Studion with or without Xamarin.

I want to really get deep with the ARM - from 3 perhaps or 5 or 7 up to CortexM series.  The goal is to know enough to develop realtime systems and then

to also do some SoC types of systems - cellphones, etc..

I have been away from this kind of thing for a long time doing regular PC development in C++ and Python on a LInux PC and sometimes an emulator

for the LInux apps on Windows.  I am in the process of moving my development lab and I will simply buy a new laptop and perhaps put Linux Mint on it.

Then use a Windows laptop if I need windows.

I want to learn 32 and 64 bit stuff and I will put DSP algorithms on the emulator board to test it out before burning it into a chip.

Any help appreciated.

PS I will also investigate this "project" myself - I think GNU is a good way to get things done.  I also need to teach this to a friend.

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