Mali G71/G72/G76 can't output 640x400 resolution on DP port.

Dear Sir,

[Issue Description]

we test Huawei P20(Mali G72-MP12), Huawei P30(Mali G76-MP10), Samsung S8(Mali G71) w/ Type-C DisplayPort alternate mode.

Found GPU can't output correct 640x400 as EDID request. Please refer the following test result. Is there any limitation of requested timing.

[Failure Rate]


[EDID Timing]

  • 640x400x59.94Hz
  • HTOTAL: 858, HACT: 640, HBLK: 218, HFP: 96, HS: 64
  • VTOTAL: 525, VACT: 400, VBLK: 125, VFP: 63, VS: 6
  • PIXCLK: 2700

[GPU Compatibility Test Result]

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