ARM - Mali - G78 MP14 power consumption - 30fps

Hello everyone!

I have a game that runs on 30fps and has a power consumption of 175Watts ( on NVIDIA RTX2070).

I would like to know what would be the power consumption of my game running on my galaxy s21 GPU:

ARM - Mali - G78 MP14  - (30fps)  

I couldn't find much information on the net. The only thing I've found is this:

MFC. Process FPS Avg. Power
Galaxy S21U (Snapdragon 888)  ️ Peak 5LPE 29.82 8.10 3.68
Galaxy S21U (Exynos 2100)  ️ Peak 5LPE 28.04 7.69 3.64

taken from:

But as you can see it is related to the S21-Ultra.

Can I deduce that my game power cons. will be around 8.1Watts?

Thank you very much!

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