Mali-Txxx performance


I have been using both the X11 and fbdev drivers (r4p0) on an Odroid-XU3 with Mali-T628, the kernel driver integrated by the vendor (Hardkernel) and the binary blob from armdeveloper website.

The performance was really bad - especially on fbdev, framerates were less than half than on X11. On X11, framerates were worse than on an Odroid-U3 with Mali400.

Now with the release of r5p0 drivers, early tests see a similar situation, unfortunately.

On r4p0-MaliT628 X11, I get just under 200fps on es2_gears, and ~55 glmark2 score. I've seen the results of Mali-T764 on the RK3288 board from and are similarly bad.

Is this something you are aware of?

On Mali-400, I get ~260 fps in es2_gears, and a glmark2 score of ~60. fbdev and x11 performance is similar.

But I would even be happy with these numbers in fbdev. es2_gears does not work on fbdev, but some of the apps I've been trying showed exceptionally poor framerates (15 in fbdev vs. 60 in X11) and were unusable.

On the forums, I remembered seeing a similar post with a benchmark on Arndale octa or Chromebook (can't remember exactly, T6xx in any case), where framerates were also smaller with fbdev drivers for the same app.

Is there any comment on the performance of fbdev vs. x11? Or the lack of 3D performance seen in the Txxx from various vendors?


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