I want to know about the GPU Line up

Hello mate,

I am quite confused about the GPU line up ARM has Maybe I'm not able to understand Please can you explain that, There are many GPU in the line-up but which one stands where which is better than which one is not really clear I'm a YOUTUBER and recently MEDIATEK is doing great work and well, fortunately, they use ARM' GPU so people want me to clear out there doubts about the GPU LINE up and even the naming as GPUs has a number at the end to indicate the number of cores it has but I want to know why some GPUs has " MC " and some has " MP " and even some has longer names at the end such as " EEMC 2 " 

This is what we all want to know I have quite an idea about the line up though but I want to be cleared as I'm going to explain it to my viewers HOPE YOU WILL 

Thank you

  • Hi Andro, 

    The use of MP/MC is a little fuzzy.

    For most GPUs the term MP is used to mean the number of cores (multi-processor). On older GPUs which are single pixel per core, it also gives the pixel per clock count. 

    For some of our GPUs (Mali-G31/Mali-G51) the GPU can include shader processors that are different sizes. A three-pixel per clock GPU for these designs is actually two shader cores - a two pixel per clock core, and a one pixel per clock core. However for these designs a four pixel per clock GPU is also two shader cores - 2x two pixel per clock cores. Therefore the traditional "MP" number meaning cores isn't that useful as a measure of performance. For these designs we use "MP" to mean the number of pixels per clock the GPU can generate, and "MC" to mean the number of physical cores. The "MP" number is the most useful one. 

    I'm not sure about the EEMC2 name; that sounds like one the device manufacturer has customized. 


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