GPU's cycles in Streamline

Hi guys,

I need some clarification in regards to the GPU Active ($MaliGPUCyclesGPUActive) counter on a Mali-G76 (not really specific to this GPU though) in a Samsung S10e.

I'm getting a total of ~310 mega-cycles in 1 sec. From a quick look at the DVFS table file (found it in /sys/devices/platform/18500000.mali/dvfs_table) it seems the max frequency is 702MHz (for some reason I can't find any Arm official page with the max frequency of this GPU though) - and I'm relying in my interpretation of the values in there.

So, my question is, is it possible that the GPU is being underutilized or that DVFS has kicked-in (although I made sure to have the device running on top of an ice-pack); or both?


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