Unable to Intercept Android GLES App in Mali Graphics Debugger

Device : Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F)

Application : Typical  GLES bootstrap app (rotating cube, implemented completely in native)

Issue : No trace appears in MGD (unrooted configuration)

Log :

I/mgd_interceptor: (2463): PassThroughEglApi: Found the following libraries for 'egl': {/system/lib64/libEGL.so}
I/mgd_interceptor: (2463): PassThroughGlesApi: Found the following libraries for 'gles': {/system/lib64/libGLESv3.so, /system/lib64/libGLESv2.so, /system/lib64/libGLESv1_CM.so}
D/ViewRootImpl@f0e7657[MainActivity]: Relayout returned: old=[0,0][1080,2220] new=[0,0][1080,2220] result=0x3 surface={valid=true 499709140992} changed=false
E/mgd_interceptor: (2463): SocketMessagePort: Unable to connect socket: Unable to connect socket: errno = 13
W/mgd_interceptor: (2463): GatorConnection: Not connected to gatord, the application will run normally but Streamline will not collect annotations. To collect annotations, please verify you are running gatord 5.22 or later and that SELinux is disabled.
D/vndksupport: Loading /vendor/lib64/hw/android.hardware.graphics.mapper@2.0-impl.so from current namespace instead of sphal namespace.
E/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: MGD failed to read the process whitelist file: No reason provided. (Does the file exist & have correct permissions?)
W/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: MGD_HEADLESS_CONFIG_FILE not specified, falling back to '/sdcard/mgd-headless.conf'
E/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: Headless config file specified was not found
E/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: Unable to create message port - using null
I/mgd_interceptor: (2463): MarshallerBase: Connecting to daemon. Sending header...
I/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: Interceptor loaded for 2436: com.atekihcan.ren
I/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: Not activating tracing
I/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: Shutdown
I/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: Host detached
I/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: API TRACING: Disabled
I/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: ASSET TRACKING: Enabled
I/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: API TRACING: Disabled
I/mgd_interceptor: (2463): Interceptor: ASSET TRACKING: Disabled

Troubleshooting guide as well as some threads in this forum suggests the solution is to change SELinux to permissive mode (adb shell setenforce 0). However, if I understand correctly, I cannot do that if the device is not rooted.

Is there anyway I can make tracing work in un-rooted configuration?