What is a NIC-400 APB Group?


I have generated a Specification for a NIC-400 r1p2 using Socrates V1.5.2 and I am getting a few errors of the following type:

"An APB Group must be referenced by MasterInterface:r_i2c.  If an APBGroup does not already exist then one must first be created."

My NIC has 4 APB master interfaces, one for I2C, one for SPI, one for UART, and one for GPIO.

Section 4.8.1 of the Arm Socrates for CoreLink Network Interconnects User Guide says, "Use APB groups to specify a NIC interface that bridges to between 1 and 16 APB master interfaces.  APB groups are for creating the assigned APB master interfaces on the same APB AMIB.'  I don't understand what this means.  Do I need to create one group and assign my 4 APB master interfaces to that group?  Do I create one group for each interface?  Or some combination?  What should I do?



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