Semihosting 3.0

I've just taken a look at semihosting 3.0. 

The spec includes a mechanism for reporting features. After opening the special filename ":semihosting-features" one can read a header and one byte. This one byte is a bitmask that indicates whether optional semihosting features have been implemented. Implementation of this special filename requires changes to SYS_OPEN, SYS_SEEK, SYS_READ, SYS_CLOSE, SYS_FLEN, and SYS_ISTTY. Modifying six system calls seems excessive, and a way to introduce bugs.

A suggestion for an alternative: a SYS_OPEN of the special filename ":semihosting-features"  returns not a file descriptor, but a 32-bit word. This word is a bitmask; if a bit is set this indicates an optional semihosting extension has been implemented.

This would provide the same functionality, and can be implemented in one or two lines.

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