Non-secure EXC_RETURN value to Secure HardFault Handler


I have scenario where SCS.AIRCR.BFHFNMINS is the default value of 0, which if I understand correctly means that whenever there is hard-fault, it would be trapped by secure hard-fault handler.

On the non-secure side, I have some test code running in non-secure unprivileged thread mode with PSP_NS and non-secure privileged thread mode with MSP_NS.

When I deliberately generate a hard-fault in both these modes that is,

1. Non-secure (NS) unprivileged thread (UT) mode with PSP_NS and

2. Non-secure (NS) privileged thread (PT) mode with MSP_NS

I land in secure hard-fault handler as expected.

However, in both the cases, I get the same LR/EXC_RETURN value of 0xFFFFFFB9.

How can I distinguish where the hard-fault happened? Is there a way to determine if the hard-fault occurred in NS UT with PSP_NS or in NS PT with MSP_NS?

Without this information, is there a way to find out the stacked PC of the instruction generating the hard-fault.



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