stm32f103c8t6 "blue pill" board


I am new to ARM cortex and have started with a m3 board stm32f103c8t6 using a St link v2 usb device and Stm32cubemx . 

To begin with the IDE used was Keil 5 and everything went ok first shot. I had the on board led blinking within minutes.

Then just to explore I switched to the Atollic True Studio IDE with the same code as before. It asked to load some additional software which was done. Then I got a usb communication error.

Since then I am unable to even connect with the St link utility unless the boot0 jumper is pulled to 3.3 volts. This happens now even with the Keil ide.

This was not the case earlier when the Boot0 jumper was at Gnd always.

Can someone suggest a way to restore the board to its earlier state. Apart from the changed jumper position the blink program loads with different delay settings to test the download function. I have not tried the True Studio ide again.

Thanks, Mike

  • Sounds for me that there is a driver problem,or the STLink has a wrong firmware now.

    I would first try to reinstall the driver, or use the STLink Utility which can be found on the ST Homepage.

    Additionally if you use STM32Cube, don't forget to set the Peripheral "SYS-Debug" to Serial Wire. In my first Project i had issues without this setting.