About the snoop filter in CCI 550

I see such a description about the snoop filter in CCI 550 TRM:

" Arm recommends that you configure the snoop filter directory to be 0.75-1 times the total size of exclusive caches of processors that are attached to the CCI-550. The snoop filter is 8-way set associative and, to minimize conflicts, stores twice as many tags as the configured size."

Take a 4 A53 (32K L1D + 512K L2) + 4 A73 (64K L1D + 2M L2) big.littel system for example,

1, what's the definition of "total size of exclusive caches of processors that are attached to the CCI-550", for such system, how large is it? Should I count L1 and L2 or only L2 of two clusters?

2, As the size of the snoop filter is implemented defined, is there any method to check how large is it of my SoC?

3, Is the concept of "8-way set associative" in the description equivalent to the associativity in cache? If so, there should also exit parameters like "set" of the snoop filter and when conflict occurs, eviction of snoop filter should also be the same with the cache. Am I right?

Thanks for any ideas!


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