CPSR status back to C variable

Note: This was originally posted on 17th November 2008 at http://forums.arm.com

Im using the TI Code Composer suite with an ARM 7 and Im looking for a way to get the CPSR back into a C variable. I was looking through the documentation that came with the compiler and it didnt have quite what I was looking for. What Im looking for is the state of the interrupt disable bit. I need to use this bit as a condition variable for something like:
if (interrupts enabled){
  do this

the inline asm syntax is just


The problem is, Im not sure how to associate some C variable to the asm code to pass the CPSR back to the C code flow.  Ive used other compilers in the past that have an option to pass arguments to the asm code like

_asm("tfr b, ccr",foo);

which passes the condition code register (for an HC12) to the var foo, but this compiler does not have that capability.  How would I do the above with this compiler?
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