Is AHB Slave need sample HREADY on data phase?


I have a question on simple system as below : Two master and Two slave

For HREADYOUT at Slave, it's can extend "data phase" by "LOW" if can't provide or sample the data.

For HREADY at Master, it's drive by multiplexor, it's means that the transfer is not completed if HREADY is "LOW", and the transfer must be extend.

For slaves, what is the meaning of "HREADY" on address phase and data phase? 

If Slave 1 is providing the data phase of last burst transfer of Master 1,  and Master 1 is send new transfer to Slave 2 in same time.

But Slave 2 is serving Master 2 now(extend data phase), so "HREADY" is "LOW" on Slave 1 and Master 1? or HREADY, HTRANS, HADDR,... is share bus on Multi-Master AHB system, so this case is impossible?

Thanks a lot