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1kB boundary concept in AHB

Hi...I have 2 questions from AHB

1) What does "1kB address boundary" in AHB means ? Does it mean that each slave can have only 1024 locations ? For example slave1 can have only 1024 locations starting from address 0 to 1023 & slave2 also have 1024 locations starting from address1024 to 2047 & so on for other next slaves ?

2) What does the following line means "All transfers within a burst must be aligned to the address boundary equal to the size of the transfer. For example, word transfers must be aligned to word address boundaries (that is A[1:0] = 00), halfword transfers must be aligned to halfword address boundaries (that is A[0] = 0)" ? How did they decided that with word transfer (32 bit) will be aligned to 32 bit address boundaries if A[1:0] =00. Please give one example.