E300: Identifier not found - <read> 'os_Info': 'osRtxInfo' not found


I had a program that was functioning correctly with Keil MDK-Middleware version 7.12 and CMSIS 5.7.0. During debug mode, I could  view and interact with the RTX RTOS window without any issues. However, to incorporate certain functionalities from the Network Component Version 7.19.0, I decided to upgrade to Keil MDK-Middleware version 7.17. While the program continues to operate as intended after the update, I encountered an unexpected error displayed within the RTX RTOS window:

E300: Identifier not found - <read> 'os_Info': 'osRtxInfo' not found


And the RTX RTOS window is like this:

I've followed this page (  What does this message mean? osRtxInfo not found ) and updated all files

I deleted the "uvoptx" file from my directory, but none of those steps worked. I then updated my Keil MDK, but the issue worsened with compiler V6. Consequently, I downgraded it to the previous version. However, the same problem persists. What mistake am I making?