Pending Interrupt is not signaled to the PE

Hello everyone,

I am working on a hypervisor running in EL2N (aarch64). I try to use the physical EL2 timer (CNTHP_*_EL2) to signal an interrupt to the hypervisor. I configured the counter and write to the timer value register. After the time has passed, the ISTATUS bit in CNTHP_CTL_EL2 is correctly set to 1, the IMASK bit is 0 all the time.

As detailed in "AArch64 Programmer's Guides Generic Timer" I configure INTID 26. It is set as a Group 1 NS interrupt, which I enable and set the priority to 0xa0. After the timer condition is met, the INTID shows up in ICC_HPPIR1_EL1 and reading GICR_ICPENDR0 also show that INTID 26 is pending.

Further checks I did to ensure the interrupt is enabled:

ICC_GRPEN1_EL1 is set to one, showing that group 1 interrupts are enabled for the current security state (non-secure) 

ICC_GRPEN1_EL3 also shows that Group 1 NS interrupts are enabled 

GICD_CTLR Affinity Routing is enabled and Group1NS Interrrupts are enabled


From my understanding the interrupt is configured correctly and should interrupt the execution on the PE (I only use 1 PE). However, this does not happen.

Can anyone help me in understanding why this is the case or which configuration I might have missed?

Any help is appreciated!

With kind regards

Martin S.