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Dynamic post quality detection

It would help if the forum could detect the offending content right at the time the user clicks on Reply, and fail it then and there if it does not meet the guidelines.

Some replies are removed after they are posted and accpted, leaving the post in an indeterminate state which says that a reply has been accepted but which doesn't display the same reply.

Edit: May be also add a user-visible notification/counter about the # of times a post/reply can be edited before it becomes eligible for blocking.

  • Hey

    Thanks for this feedback. This is a great idea that I will feedback into the owners of our platform but I can't guarantee it will be chosen for development. Sadly, today there is no such functionality to review posts and accept/reject them at the time of writing.

    I'll look at our content on explaining the moderation process to see if we can make it clearer for everyone to understand why their posts may be caught by our protection filters. We are also looking to upgrade in the near future, and that will give us the capability to exempt certain people (trusted users for example) from moderation. So that may be something we can look into afterwards.