Why is there no option in this forum to 'Mark All as Read'?

And, in general, why is there nowhere to mark all forums as read ?

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  • I am going through all the forums to ensure the mark all as read button is there

    This does now seem to be the case - thanks.

    But there is still an inconcsistency:

    sometimes it comes before the 'Tell us what you think'; eg,

    But mostly it comes after; eg,

    Which is a bit annoying on 2 counts:

    1. The  'Tell us what you think' doesn't appear immediately; there's a short delay - so just as you're about to click 'Mark All Read' it disappears!
    2. It means that you have to scroll down to 'Mark All Read'.

    In view of the fact that there is no global 'Mark All Read' - so we do (for now, at least) have to visit each forum individually and click 'Mark All Read' - please could the 'Mark All Read' consistently come first?