Why is there no option in this forum to 'Mark All as Read'?

And, in general, why is there nowhere to mark all forums as read ?

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  • In case they ask for some justification for the feature request, what is the reason you want to mark all threads as read?

    I think it's an obvious requirement but, specifically:

    When you look at the forums listing, it shows all forums, and brings threads with 'new' posts to the top.

    Because it's all forums, there are always  bound to be some of no interest to a particular user - so they don't want to have to go into each irrelevant forum just to mark threads as read.

    Another use case is where one has been away for a while (eg, vacation; business trip) and you just want a clean start on your return.

    There is a setting to allow voting on the quality of threads,

    Is this separate from voting on the OP in a thread?