NIC400 partition based on FCFP

Currently, the floorplan is C type, we have bottom, left and top channel. While left side is only for routing which means limited standard cells. Regarding NIC400, it is used for control panel, there are 5 slave and 11 master blocks. slave 0 can write 8 master ports, slave 1 can write 8 masters, slave 2/3/4 can write all masters. There are 3 master ports located in the bottom side(accessed by slave0), another 3 master ports located in the top side(accessed by slave 1)  and the left master ports all located in left top side. Slave 1 and slave 2 located in top right side. slave 0,1,3 run with different clock(asynchronized clock)

Currently, due to floorplan ship and left side stdcell limitation, we want to split NIC400 on NIC400_top and NIC400_bottom, top and bottom are connected with forwarded AXI nets. But I have below questions regarding the split:

1 Can I build on NIC400 to create two NIC400 top by ARM-Socrates, is external group OK for handling this issue?

2 If I build two NIC and then use two forwarded AXI to handle the connection issue, Is there any suggestion to avoid deadlock as 8 masters could be access at the same time by two NIC subbclok.

Thanks for your suggestion/support.