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fault_s signal holds unknown value at power-up


I'm trying to understand where "fault_s" signal in heroncell_dccm module holds unknown value at the power-up.

My system consists of 2 CPUs which are R5 and A65. First of all the R5 wake up then A65..

Problem is that R5's module heroncell_dccm's fault_s signal hold unknown value.

After SOC_FSM_WAIT_POR_STABLE state, fault_s is asserted with clock running.

I'm confused that I can ignore this unknown value in SOC_FSM_WAIT_POR_STABLE state or not. Because this unknown value propagated to dccmout, dccmout2 of R5 at power-up.

It makes error message "Fault Signal Level Error" in SAFETY function during SOC_FSM_WAIT_POR_STABLE state .