Where is "Arm®︎ CoreLink™︎ Network Interconnects User Guide"?

I have downloaded and installed NIC400 and Socrates.

The documentation bundle available with NIC400 refers to "Arm® CoreLink  Network Interconnects User Guide" as the place to find information on using NIC400 with Socrates. I am not able to find this document in my installation or on the ARM site.

Where can I find it? link to the online document will be helpful

  • As this document describes how to use the Socrates tool, it is supplied with the Socrates deliverables.

    You should find the PDF source in your Socrates installation directory under path "etc/docs/welcome".

    Or you can view the document from within the Socrates tool itself using the drop-down menu "Help/Welcome to Socrates" window, which displays all the User Guide documents.