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How to enable PCI & AHCI and mount a SATA disk on Armv-A Base RevC FVP?

Hi, I want to create an external SATA storage disk and mount it to the Armv-A RevC FVP version 11.20 (with Linaro OpenEmbedded file system).

I followed the instructions in the Run the Arm Platforms deliverables on an FVP, and leverage linaro's workspace ( to setup the Openembedded file system and linux. 

Now I want to mount an extra disk image to the system to serve as the storage.
I tried the following steps:

1. Create a disk of 10 GB: dd if=/dev/zero of=/path/to/1.satadisk bs=1G count=10

2. Add the path to the FVP launch options: "-C pci.ahci_pci.ahci.image_path=/path/to/1.satadisk"

However, after I started the FVP, it seems that this disk isn't mounted to the system. The output of lspci is empty, and the output of lsblk only shows two virtioblocks.


$ lsblk


 | -vda2



What steps did I miss? Thanks!