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How to check program counter in BP210 Design Kit?


I'm trying to figure out the R0~R14, PC(Program Counter), MSP values from RTL simulation waveform in BP210 Cortex M3 design Kit.

I think +define "ARM_DSM" does not work so, Would you please let me know alternative way to figure out the values?

TARMAC log also helps to understand some operating but I want to check those values in waveform.

Especially, I want to check  PC(Program Counter) signal in DUT.

Please guide me .

  • The program counter is a value used inside the Cortex-M3 processor, so wouldn't appear in the BP210 simulation world outside of the processor as a signal.

    It might depend on the model you are using for the Cortex-M3 whether or not you can trace the PC value in simulation, but it wouldn't be something you'd have access to in silicon for logic to use.