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Are there performance indicators for bridges?

Hi, all

I just wondering if there is an performance indicators for bridges.

Because, AMBA has lots of bridges.

Because, Amba has many bridges, but I want to know which bridge is the best or the worst in terms of performance.

So, I wonder if there is a performance indicator of the bridge.
If not, I wonder if there is an approximate performance indicator.

Gracias :)

  • There isn't any requirement to have any performance indicator in bridges for any AMBA protocol. If it is a case of knowing the performance to expect from a specific bridge, presumably the documentation for the bridge would give you some ideas what to expect, or you could see this from some simple simulations.

    There isn't anything to stop you adding an interface on a bridge component to allow you to access live "performance" data if you build that support into the bridge design, but this all seems a bit extreme for a simpler components such as a bridge, so not something I'd expect to ever see.