AMBA bus Spec

This may be the wrong forum for this, so please forgive.

In the AMBA specification document, (page 44), it says: When the interconnect is required to determine the destination address space or Subordinate space, it must realign
the address and write data. This realignment is required to assure that the write data is signaled as being valid only
to the Subordinate that it is destined for.

As I understand the specification, there are separate valid/ready handshake signal for each device on the bus, therefore this paragraph makes no sense. In other words, if a given master is handshaking with a given device (master or slave), then it must be assumed that the address and data are in alignment for that device. So what "realignment" are they referring to, and why would the data go to any other subordinate if there is no handshaking to any other subordinate?