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How to change the BP140 memory size in cycle model?

I just try to run A32 test on a Cycle model platform, which has an A55x2, CCI550, GIC600, NIC400, BP140 and BP140_trickbox.

If STR memory above 0x1000_0000, it's ok. But LDR will throw a data abort exectpion.

NIC400's default slave is BP140 [0, 0xFFFF_FFFF]. But it seems that BP140 only has support [0, 0x0FFF_FFFF] memory range.

How to change the BP140 memory size? Thanks a lot.

The following is the tarmac trace:

616000 ps ES (00000038:e3a0430a) A svc_s: MOV r4,#0x28000000
R R4 28000000
728000 ps ES (0000003c:e5840000) A svc_s: STR r0,[r4,#0]
ST 28000000 ........ ........ ........ 00000000 S:0028000000 nGnRnE OSH
728000 ps ES (00000040:e5940000) A svc_s: LDR r0,[r4,#0]       --- if r4 < 0x1000_0000, it's ok. r4 > 0x1000_0000, it will failed.
EXC [0x10] Data Abort
R DFSR 00000008
R DFAR 28000000
R CPSR 600001d7
R SPSR_ABT 600001d3
R LR_ABT 00000048
BR (00000010) A