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Need ARM SystemC Model

Hi All,

I need ARM SystemC Model for OSCI simulator version 2.3.0.

Could you please suggest where I can download it and also I would like to know if it is open-source?



  • ARM's Fast Models can be exported to SystemC, see:

    Fast Models User Guide : Chapter 5 SystemC Export with Multiple Instantiation

    But these are commercially licensed, not open source.  There are other commercial vendors, such as The specified item was not found..

    I am not aware of an open source SystemC model, maybe someone else can add more.

  • The full answer to the question depends somewhat on the intended use of the model.   SystemC can model IP at different levels of abstraction.

    • Are you looking for a Cycle Accurate (CA) or Approximately Timed (AT) or Loosely Timed (LT) model?
    • Which core(s) do you want to have models for?
    • What is the intended use case?

    ARM provides various models of our IP.  For example, there is the Foundation Model, which is a free-of-charge simulation platform for ARMv8.  You can find more details here: Fixed Virtual Platforms - ARM.  OSs compatible with these platforms are available from Linaro.

    These are fixed, standalone models.

    If you are looking for a model that you can include into your own simulations, then the Fast Models that Martin described in his answer are the solution.  The Fast Models themselves are not SystemC but they can be integrated into SystemC 2.3 platforms with a TLM 2.0 interface that is automatically generated.  Fast Models exist for all the vast majority of ARM CPUs and critical SystemIP blocks such as GIC, SMMU and interconnects. 

    Fast Models are developed alongside, and validated against, the IP.  This is critical to guarantee functional fidelity to the blocks that they model.  They can be used to build a standalone simulator, or used with EDA solutions from the likes of Cadence, Synopsys and Carbon through the SystemC interface.

    Please let me have any questions you have, to get some more details about Fast Models.

    For some more details, check out the blogs on the community pages (latest is here: Fast Models 8.3 released).