IOFPGA's SP804 timer 2/3


I am trying to get timer2 from the second SP804 device working. My IOFPGA version is v010f and I believe I set the proper interrupt muxing/direction for this timer in io_v010f.txt. My driver works fine for timer 0 in the first SP804, but not timer 2. The only difference between the two timers is the base SP804 address (from 0x1c0d0000 to 0x1c0e0000). The driver doesn't work for timer2 and I don't get interrupts even if I set SOC_IRQ[6] to timer2's ID (2), while timer0 works fine when I set SOC_IRQ[6] to 0.

Is the second SP804 device @ 0x1c0e0000 known to work for IOFPGA_v010f? Or what could be the problem?



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