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Baremetal program jumps to 0x200

Hello, I am trying to run a "hello world" program with C/C++ standard library support on Morello board (hardware), using Arm Development Studio Morello edition.

I previously followed the standalone-baremetal-readme.rst guide which worked well (following the advice from this topic), but it did not allow to use functions like "printf".

I tried to use examples from:

I ran make and the "" with "-e" flag to produce "howdy-purecap-bm-image.elf" and "howdy-morello-bm-image.elf" (in the "" script I added a line to preserve a copy of the .elf file), then I loaded these in the development studio.

It appears that the program goes to address 0x200 after executing the "MRS" instruction.

Does anyone know why that happens?

Also, in the standalone-baremetal-readme.rst guide it was necessary to specify UART address (0x2A400000) in the program, is it correct to assume that examples from baremetal-release-1.6 branch of llvm-project-releases will use that address (without the need to specify it anywhere in the program) and the printf/cout messages will appear in the AP com port of Morello hardware board? Or is it necessary to do some adjustments to achieve that?

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