efm32pg22 serial MCU startup file


 I  want to get startup file of efm32pg22 for support keil , I have download pack of efm32pg22 in Keil5,

  I can found many startup files in path : C:\Keil_v5\Packs\SiliconLabs\GeckoPlatform_EFM32PG22_DFP\4.1.1\Device\SiliconLabs\EFM32PG22\Source ,

in this file , I cann't found ARM folder ,and other MCU have three folder(ARM / GCC / IAR ),

so it makes me migrate to IAR , but , I  perfer to use KEIL, 

so how can I use compile efm32pg22 MCU code with Keil5 , and KEIL give up support efm32pg22 series MCU  ?

thank you !

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