how to configure multiple TAPs in the cs SOC600 vip

Hello, We are trying to integrate CoreSight SOC600 VIP in our SOC project and had the following queries : 1.> In older CoreSight 400 BST based flow we use to get the following document : DAP Macro Language. So can we get the equivalent reference manual for the new C based CoreSight SOC600 based flow. Currently we are referring the following three files : SOC600 validation flow overview, soc600 config and integ manual,soc600 TRM. 2.> Can you help in sharing one example of configuring multi TAP and ways to select/bypass multiple TAPS controllers connected in daisy chain. a. While running in JTAG mode(5 pins) , In older BST based flow we had the following VIP macros(CONFIG_SELECT_TAP section in BSTUserGuide , refer attached snippet) that we used for configuring and selecting of multiple TAPS connected in daisy in our SOC design. (we are trying to look for the equivalent C functions in the new VIP )

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