Armcc v5 licensing help

I just downloaded uVision MDK 5.37 with ArmClang v6.18 for Windows.  However, I needed a version of Armcc V5 in order the build some existing example software.  I installed Armcc V5.0.6 update 7 (build 960) from the legacy compiler page and added it to the list of available compilers.  I am currently on a 30-day professional evaluation license.  When I build with the required Armcc compiler I get the following output

Product: ARM Compiler 5.06
Component: ARM Compiler 5.06 update 7 (build 960)
Tool: ArmCC [4d365d]
compiling syscntl.c...
Error: C9555E: Failed to check out a license.
The license file could not be found. Check that ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE is set correctly.
ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE is not set. You must set this to the path to your license.
Information about this error is available at:
General licensing information is available at:
If you need further help, provide this complete error report to your supplier or
- Product location: C:\Program Files (x86)\ARM_Compiler_5.06u7\sw\mappings
- Toolchain location: C:\Program Files (x86)\ARM_Compiler_5.06u7\Bin
- Selected tool variant: product
- Checkout feature: compiler5
- Feature version: 5.0202006
- Flex error code: -1

Keil is installed at C:\Keil_v5\ but I'm not sure where to find the license file.  Do I need to install the Armcc compiler in a different location?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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