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Can streamline start capture with delay?

For example, I want to profile a scene but to enter this scene I need to login the game, do something else etc.

But the streamline will start capture immeditately when the game launch, which will generate capture file with unwanted data.

It could be very convinient if the the streamline can wait for some time and then start capture.

  • Oh I find there is a refresh button:

    which can clean the previous capture data.

  • Hi iculi,

    I'd try starting the gatord agent manually on your target, supplying an option --android-pkg <YourAppsPackage>.  

    This starts the gator agent in a mode where it would wait for a connection from streamline before proceeding to profile your (already started) application.  Start gator in this way, then prepare your application to the scene you want to profile, then trigger the capture from Streamline.

    To start gator manually you have to use adb to copy gator onto the device.  In your streamline directory we package builds of gator that can be copied to the device.  For this example I'll use the one in


    since I'm presuming a 64bit android target.

    1. Start streamline.

    2. Push gatord to the target:

       $ adb push streamline/bin/android/arm64/gatord /data/local/tmp

    3. adb shell onto the target.

       $ adb shell

    5. Run gator giving your package name

       $ /data/local/tmp/gatord --android-pkg <YourAppsPackage>

    6. In streamline switch to the TCP (Advanced) tab.  There should be an entry in the table corresponding to your device.  Select it.

    7. Prepare your application on the target, get it to just before the scenario you want to capture.

    8. Start the capture by pressing 'Start Capture'

    9. Go through your scenario.