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ArmDS Editor shows 'red lines' below stdint_t types on Windows

Hi friends,

my colleagues, working with Windows OS, reported a problem with ARM-DS painting 'red lines' under the types from 'stdint_t'. See the following:

I tried to reproduce this problem on Linux (I do not work with Windows anymore...), but I was unable to do so.

My colleagues on Windows use Docker images to build and compile their sources. They do not have a cross compiler installed locally on the work PC. So I suspect, that ARM-DS can't frind any C compiler headers as they are usally found under /usr/include/... on Unix systems.

Their questions is now, how these 'red lines' can be removed.

My first idea is to install a cross compiler as well, or at least the usual files from /usr/include/std*.h. Maybe ARM-DS will then be able to find some definition for the C99 types.

Any other ideas and or better solutions?
Is it possible to configure ARM-DS Eclipse to ignore the C99 type / add them to some dictionary /... ?

Andy help is appreciated.

Best regards

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