RetToSrc value for Snoop opcodes contradicting in AMBA CHI - 5E.c

Section 4.9 in ARM IHI 0050E.c mentions the below 

RetToSrc is inapplicable and must be set to zero in:

• SnpQuery and Stash snoops

• SnpCleanShared, SnpCleanInvalid, and SnpMakeInvalid

• SnpOnceFwd and SnpUniqueFwd

RetToSrc is applicable and can take any value in all other snoops except SnpDVMOp.

 Also Table 4 - 53 shows different values of RetToSrc applicable for SnpCleanFwd, SnpNotSharedDirtyFwd 

But table A-10 in the appendix mentions the value of RetToSrc to be 0 always which is contradicting