About Exception Handler Return Address


I am trying to implement breakpoint operation in source code using cortex-R5F.
There are some problems during implementation.
I enabled MDBGEN in the DBGSCRext register.
The execution address was put into the DBGBVR register and 0x1E7 was put into BCR0.
The desired preFetch Exception occurred.
However, when the debugger is plugged in, it stops right before executing the preFetch Exception in vectortable.
I do not know the reason.
When I unplug the debugger, it appears to be running well on preFetch Exception.
Second, when riding an Exception, the return address is a vector table.
There is no address value anywhere in the stack to move to the BP-blocked address.
When the IFAR register value is read from the Exception Handler, the preFetch execution address is captured in the vectorable.