Arm-v7r Cortex-R5F How to Access CP14 Register


I want to set hw breakpoint in source code.
I'm using TI company's TMS570LC board.
The DBGOSLSR register value is 0, so it appears that the Os Save and Restore Mechanism is not used. And using SVC mode.
when I try to access the CP14 register through the MRC or MCR command, an exception occurs.
Just read DBGDSCR(internal) through dbgdscr = __MRC(14, 0, 0, 1, 0);
Reading DBGDSCR (external) or writing to the CP14 register all throw an exception.
In Code Composer Studio provided by TI, _get_CPSR() and _set_CPSR() work, but iftry to read with __MRC, an exception occurs even when accessing CP15.
Additionally, we are currently testing in Free RTOS and Firmware environments.
I want to do this work
1. DBGEN enable
2. DBGDSCR settings
3. DBGBVR settings
4, DBGCR settings
I want to do it.
To do this, how to access CP14? and how to enable DBGEN?