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Debug Print Logs Display and Hardware Power Issue in KEIL uVision 5 (Cortex-M0)


I'm currently working with KEIL uVision 5 and have developed a custom hardware project using a Cortex-M0 microcontroller. In the code, I've integrated debug print logs that are transmitted using UART1. My goal is to view these debug logs through a serial viewer while entering into debug mode.

However, I've encountered two main issues:

  1. Debug Log Display Issue: Despite configuring the UART1 for debug logs, I'm unable to see any log outputs in the serial viewer while entering into debug mode. I've ensured that the UART1 settings are correctly configured, but still no logs are being displayed.

  2. Hardware Power Issue: Additionally, when I enter into debug mode, I've noticed that the hardware powers off unexpectedly. This behavior is unexpected, and I suspect it might be related to the debugging process or some power configuration settings.

I'm seeking guidance and insights from the community to help me resolve these issues:

  • How can I ensure that the debug logs sent through UART1 are visible in the serial viewer while I'm in the debug mode?
  • What could be the potential reasons for the hardware powering off when entering debug mode, and how can I troubleshoot and address this issue?

Please help!