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Can I use a Single Linux OS to schedule two DSU cluster?

I have a SoCmade of two DynamicIQ shared unit cluster, Cluster0: 4xA76+4xA55, Cluster2: 4xA55. Each of them have their own L3, and connect to a NoC. The typical use case of this SoC is to run two OS on two clusters. e.g. Android on Cluster1 and linux on Cluster2, they communicate through shared memory and mailbox mechansim to accomendate specific applications such as IVI or Service Robot. 

I want to know if it is possible to rule them under the same linux OS, so more generic applications scenario can be expanded without need the complexity of two OS or wasting computing resources on the second 'little' cluster.

I see NUMA is something close but not very sure if it is feasible in this scenario. 

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