GICT : Software error occured in different cluster

I want to know the behavior of GICT in different clusters.
The system has 10 cores with GIC600. 

 Cluster 0: 8 cores 
 Cluster 1: 2 cores

scenario : While accessing the redistributor of cluster 1, GICT throws a software error 
GICT_ERRMISC0.Data : 0x08

scenario : Regarding the scrub operation, the system tries to set GICR_FCTLR.sip = 0x1 in the register of cluster 1.
           Here GICT throws error SYN_PPI_PWRDWN.

Question 1: Is there any different behavior of GICT in a cluster-based system architecture?
Question 2: Is there any additional setting required in GICT for a cluster-based system?
Question 3: Is scrubbing done when the redistributor is in power in the state?

Thank you in advance