STM32F030K6T6TR Able to program 1st time

I've got a weird setup so please bear with me.

I bought a Micro STM32F030K6T6TR with a knockoff J-Link V2 programmer on ebay.  Yeah I know you get what you pay for, it's basically useless.

I also have a NUCLEO-64 STM32F411RE board and by removing the jumpers at CN2 and wiring the target to CN4 I was able to program my device.  The board is similar to this bare board.

I was able to program it the first time using the STM32Programmer but on all successive attempts it fails saying it can't find the target device.

I tried tying the BOOT0 line high with the same result.

I tried a couple of other things I found googling with the reset line; remove programmer, reset device and reapply programmer without any luck.

Any help appreciated.