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LPC1850 with S25FL256 SPI FLash


on my board, LPC1850 is interfaced with S25FL256 over SPIFI. I want to debug my code in S25FL256 using debugger. I am using ULINK2 debugger.

W hen I try to program the external flash (S25FL256) using debugger, I get the following error message :

Flash timeout - Reset the target and try again.

Error: Flash download failed - "Cortex M3"

Please check screenshot of my settings in keil attached here. 

I created new flash algorithm for S25FL256 by modifying  source code on path c:\Keil\ARM\Flash\LPC18xx43xx_S25FL032. I added following code in FlashDev.c file and created new .FLM file and selected this new flash algorithm in keil setting.

struct FlashDevice const FlashDevice =


      FLASH_DRV_VERS,                                // Driver Version, do not modify!

      "LPC18xx/43xx S25FL256 SPIFI",           // Device Name

       EXTSPI,                                                   // Device Type

       0x14000000,                                            // Device Start Address

       0x02000000,                                            // Device Size is 32MB

       256,                                                          // Programming Page Size

      0,                                                              // Reserved, must be 0

      0xFF,                                                        // Initial Content of Erased Memory

      500,                                                         // Program Page Timeout 100 mSec

      5000,                                                       // Erase Sector Timeout 3000 mSec

      // Specify Size and Address of Sectors

      0x001000, 0,                                            // sector size 4 KB (32 sectors)

      0x010000,0x20000,                                 // sector size 64 KB (510 sectors)



I dont understand what is wrong.  Can you help me to fix this issue??  


Santosh Mengade