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How to build the android12 image available for Fast model?

I'm having some problems building the android12 image.

I downloaded and compiled AOSP, branch android-12 and lunch aosp_arm64-eng. To use the gga, made myimage.img with ramdisk.img and system.img under the android out folder according to Fast Models User Guide (

Here is my start command:

./FVP_Base_RevC-2xAEMvA --plugin=../../plugins/Linux64_GCC-9.3/

-C DEBUG.Sidechannel.interceptor=$PVLIB_HOME/GGA/reconciler/linux-x86_64/gcc-9.3.0/rel/

-C pctl.startup=

-C bp.secure_memory=0

-C cache_state_modelled=0

-C cluster0.NUM_CORES=1

-C cluster1.NUM_CORES=0

-C bp.smsc_91c111.enabled=1

-C bp.smsc_91c111.mac_address=auto

-C bp.pl011_uart0.untimed_fifos=1

-C bp.secureflashloader.fname=fvp_bl1.bin

-C bp.flashloader0.fname=fvp_fip.bin

-C bp.virtioblockdevice.image_path=image/myimage.img

But it stuck in the following interface:

I think there may be some problems with the android image produced, and the fast models user guide is too brief. How can I correctly build an android12 image and Device Tree Binary that can be used by fast models? What files do I need to prepare to run android under fast models?