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Looking for detailed block diagram of a single A53 core


We're looking for a block diagram of the internal blocks inside a single A53 core; showing things like the load/store unit, dispatch unit, integer unit, instruction decode, register renaming, completion unit, ...? The A53 technical reference manual is not detailing this enough for us.

Something similar to what we've found for the A57 on the Anandtech website.

Many thanks!

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Toarte Fretter.

  • Hello,

    Since there is not that many feedback on this port :(, maybe a small word on why we're looking for this...

    For our project, we need to perform some kind of FMEA analysis on the block level of the A53, and as a result from that analysis we might have to perform some kind of built in test inside our software to test parts of the A53.

    Hence the question, if there would be a more detailed block diagram available for the A53 core, similar to what we've found for the A57?


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