LPC313x / LPC314x CDL package


I've been searching for the LPC313x / LPC314x CDL package for some time now.

I almost found a more updated version of it over at the NXP site but this is not the one I've been using in 2008.

The one I'm searching for is the v0.0.1 and v0.0.2 as those most likely were the ones I've been using for one of my projects back in the days which I'd like to bring back to life again.

The LPCWare and LPCLinux sites are almost gone and there's no chance to grab these archives anymore as LPCWare / LPCLinux were storing their ZIP download archives on FTP sites.

With the EOL of the LPC31xx series from the NXP point of view, there's no support regarding these processors anymore.

If anyone could help out with this then it might be of some really great help.

On the other hand, I have a fable for nostalgia and would like to make use the older CDL once again.

Thank you very much in advance.