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Cortex-M23: Dumping values on the stack

I am trying to debug a Hard fault caused by some inline assembly code in my program. I have tried the two approaches here: and but seem to be running into errors when building. Is there an equivalent code for Cortex-M23 processor?

Below is my Hardfault handler

void prvGetRegistersFromStack( uint32_t *pulFaultStackAddress )
   /* These are volatile to try and prevent the compiler/linker optimising them
      away as the variables never actually get used.  If the debugger won't show the
      values of the variables, make them global my moving their declaration outside
      of this function. */
   volatile uint32_t r0;
   volatile uint32_t r1;
   volatile uint32_t r2;
   volatile uint32_t r3;
   volatile uint32_t r12;
   volatile uint32_t lr; /* Link register. */
   volatile uint32_t pc; /* Program counter. */
   volatile uint32_t psr;/* Program status register. */

   r0 = pulFaultStackAddress[ 0 ];
   r1 = pulFaultStackAddress[ 1 ];
   r2 = pulFaultStackAddress[ 2 ];
   r3 = pulFaultStackAddress[ 3 ];
   r12 = pulFaultStackAddress[ 4 ];
   lr = pulFaultStackAddress[ 5 ];
   pc = pulFaultStackAddress[ 6 ];
   psr = pulFaultStackAddress[ 7 ];

    /* When the following line is hit, the variables contain the register values. */
    for( ;; );

void __attribute__((noreturn)) HardFault_Handler(void)
    __asm volatile
        " tst lr, #4                                                \n"
        " ite eq                                                    \n"
        " mrseq r0, msp                                             \n"
        " mrsne r0, psp                                             \n"
        " ldr r1, [r0, #24]                                         \n"
        " ldr r2, handler2_address_const                            \n"
        " bx r2                                                     \n"
        " handler2_address_const: .word prvGetRegistersFromStack    \n"
   while (true)

The following errors come up when I try to build my code:

/tmp/ccHDURtz.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/ccHDURtz.s:173: Error: unshifted register required -- `tst lr,#4'
/tmp/ccHDURtz.s:174: Error: selected processor does not support `ite eq' in Thumb mode
/tmp/ccHDURtz.s:175: Error: Thumb does not support conditional execution
/tmp/ccHDURtz.s:176: Error: Thumb does not support conditional execution
/tmp/ccHDURtz.s:178: Error: invalid offset, target not word aligned (0x00000062)
/tmp/ccHDURtz.s:178: Error: invalid offset, value too big (0x00000002)